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Free Trial Version:
What is the difference between the free trial version and the licensed version ?
   They both are identical, except the free trial version will stop working after 30 days.
I like the trial version and wish to purchase the licensed version. Do I buy the license and then it converts the trial version to the licensed version ?
   We feel it is more secure and more convenient to supply a new, fully licensed version to the customer. Whether you choose the downloadable or shipped version, you will receive a new licensed program that  will install without you having to remember any registration codes.
Downloadable Licensed Version:
Is the downloadable licensed version the same as the shipped Cd-Rom licensed version ?
   Yes. They are identical.
How do I download and install a downloadable licensed version of the software ?
   After completing the checkout process, you will be emailed a download link. Click the link and the download process will begin. After the download completes, click 'Run' to install the software on your computer.
Will I also receive a Cd-Rom in addition to the downloaded program?
   If you purchase the instant download, you will not receive a Cd-Rom.
If I buy the instant download, can I make a backup Cd-Rom ?
   Yes. It is strongly recommended that you burn the file to a blank Cd-Rom disk for future re-installation.
Upgrades and Bug Fixes:

How often are upgrades released ?
   We release major upgrades of the programs every three years to comply with the National Electrical Code revision cycle. Occasionally between Code cycles we release minor upgrades which add new features or correct known bugs.
How will I know when a new version of the program is released ?
   We publish the release of new versions on our website.
How do I qualify for a free upgrade ? *
   As of December 6, 2016 our upgrade policy has changed. We now will provide free upgrades to all licensed users of Electrc NEC Calculator and Loadcalc Panel Schedule. Once you license either or both programs, you will be entitled to all future upgrades for the specific program that you are licensed for, both major and minor, free of charge.

Your free upgrade will be for the specific license that you have purchased. For example if you purchase a 1-User license, all future upgrades will be free for upgrades of 1-User licenses. If you wish at any time after original license purchase to upgrade the number of users of your license, you will pay the difference between the original and new license. Subsequently, you will receive all future free upgrades based upon the new user license.

* This free upgrade policy is subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

To request your free upgrade, please contact us.
Ordering Information:
What payment methods are accepted ?
   We accept all major credit, debit, corporate purchase cards, checks, money orders, and PayPal.
Can I purchase with a company purchase order ?
   Company Purchase Orders with terms of net 30 days are accepted only from schools and government institutions.
How long will it take to receive my order ?
   If you purchase a downloadable licensed version, you will be able to download and install it immediately after completing the online checkout process. For the shipped Cd-Rom licensed version, we will ship your order the next business day after your payment is received. If paid by check, your order will ship upon clearance of the check (usually 2 to 4 business days after receipt).
What is your return policy ?
   Software is not returnable once purchased.
Is the online ordering process secure ?
   Yes! Our payment processor is Paypal, recognized as an industry leader in anti-fraud technology. The checkout system uses advanced encryption and other high security technologies to protect your personal information as well as ours.
License Agreement:
Can I buy 1 single-user licensed version and install it on my work computer and my home computer ?
   Yes, as long as only one installation is being used at any one time.
Do you offer licenses for mutiple users on a network ?
   Yes. We offer multi-user network licenses for any number of users. See the Ordering page for details.
Technical Support:
What is your technical support policy ?
   Licensed users of our software qualify for unlimited free technical support.
What versions of Windows will the software run on?
   It will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, including Windows 10.
After installing the software I receive an error message when attempting to run the program for the first time. Why ?
   On some Vista and Windows 7 systems, this is due to elevated security features in these operating systems. Right-click the program icon that was installed on your desktop, then select 'Run as administrator'.